Get some rest in delightful ambient

There is only so much time a man can spend on the road. Get out of your vehicle and enjoy an overnight stay in comfy beds of motel Jerina. Every room has its own bathroom with bathtub or a shower. A hairdryer is also available.

After a good night sleep and a strong breakfast, you will be ready for any journey. Rejuvenate your spirit with delicious specialties from our kitchen.

Gastro oasis

Long drive makes us tired and reduces reaction time behind the wheel. Recharge with a drink in a pleasant environment. Beside a good meal, motel Jerina visitors can freshen up by taking a shower in a dedicated part of the complex.


km from the airport in Belgrade


ha is the surface of the Jerina complex


Take the kids out of the car

Children can’t endure long drives as good as we do, and can get very annoying. Let them drain themselves out in our park, while you sip on a refreshing drink.

They said...

Great job, I came here couple of months ago, but things have changed for the better. The staff is much better, they learned to appreciate their guests more, the interior looks better... I recommend this place for anyone on the road.

Milos Delic

The food is delicious. Its ok inside. Prices are not bad.

Kris Tashev

Very clean, good breakfast.

Paul Dryer

Great inn on the road. Friendly staff. Good Serbian food. Place to take a break in the future.

Tosho Jankov

Special offer for travel groups

Why take a break at motel Jerina? The motel is located right on the highway, parking space is plentiful, drivers get a free meal from the menu of their choice, while our seating capacity can cover any group.

How to get to us

Heading to Macedonia: after 24.5 kilometers from the tolbooth Belgrade center, there is an exit which leads to the motel. Heading to Hungaria: take the exit at the tolbooth Smederevo Centar, turn right and you will see the motel on your right side.

Autoput E-75, 11328 Vodanj

+381 61 159 4815